Cactus LED night light
Cactus LED night light

Cactus LED night light

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Style: USB battery dual-use touch 7 color models, 16 color remote control models,

Product power: 0.5W
Product voltage: 5V

Switch mode: touch switch, remote switch

Product weight: 0.3KG

Product size: 200*150*87mm

Single belt box size: 23*16*5.5CM

Product accessories: Yake board *1 ABS base *1 USB data cable *1 English manual *1

Product color: seven colors: red, green, blue, yellow, enamel, purple, white, adjustable fixed color or colorful gradient

Note: The acrylic sheet has a protective film on both sides. Please tear off the protective film before use.

USB battery dual-use touch 7 color models
16 color remote control models

3D LED light features:
* Provides over 50,000 hours of glare
*Includes energy-saving LED strips (energy saving)
* Touch the button to turn it off, open and change the visibility of the color.
* 7 color modes: white, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan and pink.
* Easily turn on/off the convenient power switch on the plug-in power cord
* Provide automatic color change mode
*Energy consumption: 0.012kw.h / 24 hours
* LED life: up to 50,000 hours
* 3D illusion board is only 4mm thick